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HTS owns a number of brand names in traffic safety. We have developed and manufactured BeSafe child car seats for nearly twenty years. Our driving force is the will to protect what is most precious to us: our children. We read in the news about alarming accidents in which children are injured, or even worse, killed. When we read these reports, we know that many injuries could have been avoided if the correct child’s car seat had been used and correctly installed. This makes us very sad.

Our target is that no child should ever be killed in traffic, and that as few as possible should be injured. Besides, if you find a seat that protects your child better than BeSafe seats, then you should choose that seat. But use your head, not year heart, when you choose a car seat. Your heart will go for the smart textile cover with lions on it, but the lions cannot protect your child if you are unlucky and have an accident. High levels of safety are only achieved through research and secure manufacture. It sounds harsh, but so is reality. What is most important is the child travelling in the car, and nothing else.


HTS goes back a long way. Before practically every family owned a car, HTS started up as saddlers at the beginning of the twentieth century. The company actually made “seats" for the means of transport used at the time, i.e. horses. Saddle-making was an important trade in those days, and when Hans Kristian Torgersen started the HTS Saddlery, it was founded on three generations’ experience of craftsmanship.

By the 1930s the craftsmanship had changed to keep pace with the developing technology – from horses to cars. In order to survive and develop, HTS also had to convert to the new types of “horsepower” and begin alternative production. They began producing covers for car seats in increasing numbers, and then extended the range with other products for cars and car seats.

In 1984, HTS began developing the first child’s car seat, and we have followed this up ever since. HTS has an international reputation for innovation in connection with rearward-facing car seats for children.

Facts about the company

HTS targets the European and Asian markets, and we collaborate extensively with research institutes, organisations promoting safety in traffic and traffic medical institutions throughout Europe. We endeavour constantly to take the lead with products of high quality and stringent safety requirements. Large sums are invested regularly in research and development.

HTS’s policies and strength lie in the importance we attach to safety. We manufacture a wide range of products in the overall category of road safety. Every year we in vest several million Norwegian Kroner in tests and assessments of our products in every conceivable situation.

Today, HTS operates in these five business areas: car upholstery, child safety, roof boxes, cycling helmets, cool boxes, and bus and train seats. The company has 120 employees at present. In addition to these, 40 people are employed by Loyds Industrier, which is wholly owned by HTS.

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